Lemfo LF26 Smartwatch Review: IP67 Waterproof and Strong Battery Life

Lemfo LF26 Smartwatch Review: IP67 Waterproof and Strong Battery Life

Now another smartwatch from the Chinese manufacturer was announced. This time LEMFO has released a new smartwatch called LEMFO LF26. Probably the most beautiful and stylish watch under $ 50.

Gone are the days when cheap watches were just fantastic; today is smart time. The LF26 is confirmed by the LEMFO Smart Watch, which comes in various straps, and also comes in black or silver. The LEMFO LF26 has four separate straps of metal and leather. The removable strap can be leather, which is double-layer, inside the silicone, outside the leather. But it can be metallic, and it can be the best kind. The new smartwatch also provides heart rate and blood pressure monitors, weather forecasts, sports, and smart notifications.

Features of Lemfo LF26


The touch screen is a pleasantly more massive 1.3 inches, 360 x 360-pixel resolution higher than usual. A round display, so not just a rectangular display inside a round-shaped face. The brightness of the watch’s look and performance can be changed. The show turns on automatically to extend the wrist.

Lemfo LF26 Design

The new smartwatch from LEMFO looks very stylish, at least on official photos. You can choose the model with a black or white dial. The strap is available in metal or white metal, as well as black leather and brown leather. The dial of the LEMFO LF26 is only 45mm, while the thickness is 10.8mm. The smartwatch is water-resistant as per the IP67 standard.

The chassis is designed using high-grade aluminium. Besides, the watch features wear-resistant TPU leather straps that are quick to disassemble and replace. On the right, the LEMFO LF26 holds two circular control buttons, while at the bottom are some smart sensors. Its dial size is 45mm, and the watch weight is 55 grams.


The most fashionable and carefully selected alloy cases are stiff and wear-resistant with leather silicone hybrid straps, both business and sporty. The overall look is better, and the watch feels better.

Lemfo LF26 Processor

Among others, LF26 Smart Cristwatch runs Android 4.4 or above and iOS 8.0 or higher, RTK8762CK chipset, Fit CloudPro app support, alarm, sedative reminder, remote camera control, weather display, Configures brightness control, phone notification reminder, and many more.

Incoming calls and messages can be displayed in real-time, touch the screen to see more content. Anytime, anywhere, the ditch is usually to experience the comfortable life brought by smart attire. No tools required, free bar replacement. More permanent alternatives to steel. Match your fashion combinations.


The new LF26 is a waterproof smartwatch, and you can wear it on your hand wash time or a rainy day.

Automatically read your foot’s calories and practice mileage. Watches are with every moment of your healthy life.

Another exciting feature of the new LEMFO watch is the weather show watch faces. The smartwatch automatically switches the dial according to the weather of the day. It’s exciting to see how it works because I’ve never seen it before.

Recording calorie intake based on exercise status, heart rate changes, and other sports data will help you better manage your health. Improve exercise levels with sufficient exercise. It can track seven activities of the game! Such as walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, jumping, basketball, and much more. It also supports four types of health care! Include heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, Blood pressure monitoring, and oxygen monitoring.

On the other hand, we cannot compare LEMFO LF26 with the Amazfit GTR, as the smartwatch from Xiaomi has a lot of applications. The new LEMFO smartwatch has particular applications for fitness trackers. However, there are some exciting features. The first LEMFO LF26 monitors heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen. Even the Amazfit GTR does not have blood pressure and blood oxygen, monitors.

Although I can’t find the music control function, this is a handy feature, but it is not available on the LEMFO LF26.

LEMFO has synchronized with the new Bluetooth Tooth 5.0 smartphone.

Lemfo LF26 Battery

Super capacity polymer batteries, power-saving algorithms of different parts, and intelligent compatibility with the depth of power consumption create balance in power consumption and performance, and the battery lasts 7 days, goodbye to recharging.

Additional features include a pedometer, Bluetooth 5.0, call and message reminder, anti-missing, pre-set watch face, timer, etc. The battery has a capacity of 150mAh and a standby time of 15 days. For refilling, the watch uses a magnetic charging scheme to reach full power in 2 hours.

In my opinion, the LEMFO’s smartwatch is better than the Zeblaze NEO 2, as it has blood pressure and blood oxygen monitors. You can also use Weather Display Watch Face and Swimming Sports mode. However, the LEMFO LF26 is about $ 8 more expensive than the Zeblaz smartwatch. If the main advantages of the Lampho smartwatch are not crucial to you, you can buy Zablaze NEO 2. It has the same design, battery life, and basic carrying applications.

If you do not have a real operating system (such as Android Wear), the firmware is responsible for its operation. It will come with a mobile app to install and use more efficiently. Some applications can be used for sports without any additional equipment, such as a pedometer or heart rate measurement. The collected data can later be synced with your mobile phone and tablet.

Beautiful and practical, a variety of styles and novice dial themes for you to choose from, meet your needs for different occasions, especially the weather dial, automatically switch the dial according to the weather of the day.

Final Word

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