LEMFO LEM15 Smartwatch Review – 2021 Latest Fashionable Sports Watch

LEMFO LEM15 Smartwatch Review – 2021 Latest Fashionable Sports Watch

After the great success of LEMFO in the LEMFO LEM smartwatches series, a new upgrade is now being released for this smartwatch under the name LEMFO LEM15, which offers an elegant design and high specifications, which is the first smartwatch to come with an MTK 6762 8 CORES chip, 10.7 Android, and even a dual camera, in addition to Equipped with 128GB storage and 4GB RAM, 4G LTE support with a large battery, and at a cheap price compared to what you will get, you can say that the LEMFO LEM 15 is a smartphone on your wrist. Without needing more details, let’s dive into this review.


LEMFO LEM15 Features

  • MTK 6762 8 CORES Chip
  • OS 10.7 Android
  • 1.6-inch Full Round IPS Display
  • 4GB RAM+128GB ROM Large Storage
  • Dual Camera 5MP+ 2MP
  • Personalized Watch Faces
  • Dual 900mAh Battery
  • 4G LTE Global Bands


Design And Build Quality:

Many smartwatches that work with Android bother me about the large size and weight, although it makes sense for the hardware it comes with, but, LEMFO LEM15 was not because its medium in size with an unexpected weight of no more than 75 grams, and as usual, LEMFO presents us with a stylish smartwatch and beautiful and suitable for sports or events, it has a circular design, a 1.6-inch screen, and a strong black body made of ceramic and plastic with high manufacturing quality so it will not be easy to scratch.


The main camera is on the top, and on the right side, there are two buttons power/back, the second camera is in the middle between the two buttons. and on the other side, there is a Nano-SIM slot.

On the edge of the watch, there is a speaker and microphone which does not have the best sound quality but for a smartwatch it’s fine. On the back are the usual charging pins and a heart rate sensor.


Coming to the strap, it’s made of silicone which makes it lightweight and comfortable on your wrist for long-term use. You can use any strap of 22 mm because it’s removable, but it is available in black only and you can buy another in different colors or in metal or leather separately.



With IP67 waterproof in LEMFO LEM15 Smartwatch, It means you can wear it while washing hands or on rainy days, although the watch is not approved for swimming but is good for wearing for activities, so, I do not recommend swimming or exposing it to hot water or saltwater or press the buttons underwater to avoid any harm Long or short term. It’s preferable to dry the watch after immersing it in water and before operating it so that it stays with you for as long as possible.

Display Screen:

I found the screen of LEMFO LEM15 excellent with great color contrast even under the sun, and this is what we find in most IPS screens. It’s circular with a size of 1.6 inches, and a ratio of 85% from the screen to the body, the resolution is 400 * 400 pixels, with a pixel density of 354 pixels per inch, and this is what makes the contrast and brightness are good outside or under any condition, and it has a good touch response.


For Android smartwatches, you need the largest screen possible, but if it’s too big, it can make you struggle in your hand, and that’s what I like about the LEMFO LEM15, everything is balanced. In addition to all this, the watch does not support the always-on screen, but it does support the wake-up feature, all you have to activate it from the settings if it’s not activated to be able to turn on the screen automatically whenever you raise your wrist.

LEMFO LEM15 Performance:

LEMFO LEM15 provides overall high and smooth performance without any problems with the speed of opening apps or browsing the smartwatch, thanks to the powerful Mediatek Helio P22 ( MT6762) Octa-core chip that works at up to 1.8 GHz with a 16nm manufacturing process and is based on Cortex-A53 architecture. If you told me the processor is old, of course, it is, but we are talking about a smartwatch here, and it provides very good performance in games and applications, and there are smartphones that still use this processor, the most famous of which is Elephone E10 Pro, Samsung Galaxy A10s, Oppo A1k. So, This CPU is suitable for multitasking and running applications that need a powerful processor and this is done with the help of 4GB of RAM DDR3, Which is more than enough for a mid-range smartphone, not to mention a smartwatch.


If you are wondering if you can play games? Of course, you can and believe me even PUBG and COD but the minimum settings, plus the experience of playing car games was great, although the biggest obstacle is the small screen and there are some games and applications that may not work because they are not equipped with such a device.

In terms of storage, there is 128 GB Yes, it is a very large space that can be used to download apps, music, movies, or anything you want. You just have to make sure that it is compatible with the formats supported by the watch from the specification table below.


Also, has Bluetooth 5 technology support Bluetooth calls and makes the watch low power consumption and a more stable connection. This version is compatible with Android 6.0 and later or iOS 11.0 and above so that the connection is through the Wiiwatch 2 app.

Writing on screen:

Although typing on the screen can be a bit tricky because the letters are very small and you may find yourself typing the same letter twice on multiple occasions. So there are some limitations due to the screen size, but you can get used to it.

Watch videos:

You can watch video content on this smartwatch through YouTube, Netflix, or on any platform you want, but don’t expect a full experience because the small screen and even the resolution won’t allow it, not to mention that most of the apps aren’t really designed for round screens. However, you have the possibility to turn the screen on each regular square, and this will be explained below

LEMFO LEM15 Battery And Charging:

The battery in the LEMFO LEM15 has a capacity of 900 mAh, yes, it is large, and on top of that you will get a wireless power bank with another 900 mAh capacity, the battery remains acceptable and lasts as it gives you 1-3 days max. So you can finally spend a whole day and more on one charge, this may seem normal to you, but believe me, with such specifications it is difficult to achieve such a result.

However, it all depends on your usage of the watch as we know that Wi-Fi networks, GPS, and running high applications consume more power. About the charging time, from 0 to 100% usually takes no more than 3 hours with the use of magnetic charging.

LEMFO LEM15 Price And Where To Buy:

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